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Infrastructure construction is an important task of the current national economic construction, vigorously carry out the construction of infrastructure, to promote mining, building materials, cement, road and other industries, but also promote the great development of mine crusher industry.
China's mining crushing machinery market has been the international equipment manufacturers eager attention, due to mining crushing machinery renewal is faster, especially small mining machinery life only three to five years, every year the domestic replacement of mine crusher is about 20% of the total demand, it provides the rapid development of the mining crushing machinery strong momentum.
Upgrading of mine crusher for r&d and production of new type mining crushing machinery supply the power, but if you want to have a place abroad mining machinery market, how to improve the quality of mine mechanical skills and broken, has become a major problem facing mining crushing equipment. Thus, mining crusher is necessary to accelerate the upgrading ability keep up with the construction pace, to carry out a chances.
With the deepening of the consciousness of energy conservation and environmental protection, high mechanical consumption already was washed out gradually, and improve technology content in mining crushing equipment in the development of steps, optimization of product quality, to speed up the pace of energy conservation and emissions reduction, etc. At present, China's mining crushing machinery industry will have great opportunity of development, implement vigorous development.