ZM series compound cone crusher

Product Introduction

We design and develop a new compound cone crusher through combining the support of advanced technical platform with actual manufacture experience. This machine has reasonable structure, large output, reliable capability, high cost performance, etc. Especially in the secondary and tertiary crushing of the super crushing production line, its advantage is obvious for the materials with high hardness or super hardness. We have different kinds of this machine such as machine types for rough crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing.

 It has wide use range and is applicable for various industries. Particularly, the ultra-fine machines can produce aggregate with diameter less than 5mm, which can be used in the crushing of the steelworks before grinding. Its technical advantage is incomparable compared with other similar products.


Performance Characteristic

1.       Support of advanced technical platform, more reasonable structure and higher steel-degree。

2.       Re-adjusted crushing frequency and eccentric distance make the cooperation smoother and the output higher.

3.       Compound chamber type increases the cubic shape content of the materials.

4.       Sufficient utilization of the layer-to-layer principle of the materials reduce the wear and larger the crushing ratio.

5.       Hydraulic operation adjusted by the whole machine runs quicker and easier.

6.       Hydraulic structure of chamber clearance controls the clearance time of the blocking material within several minutes.