GD series rotary disc crusher

GD Series Rotary Disc Crusher

                --The first choice for sand making and the ultra-crushing of mine


Product Introduction

GD series rotary disc crusher is specially used to produce fine material. It differs from cone crusher. General cone crusher adopts “single-layer crushing” that directly extrudes the materials with crushing components. However, the rotary disc crusher adopts “layer-to-layer crushing” principle, which converts the extrusion and impact of the components on the materials to the comprehensive effect of mutual impact and grinding between the multiple-layer material granules to realize the material crushing.


Performance Characteristic

1.       Electric rotary mechanism ensure the materials to enter into the crushing chamber evenly along the inner wall of the chamber, preventing the blocking issue while keeping the stable status of the materials in the relief chamber.

2.       The slant angle of the lower lining plate is smaller than the angle of repose between the material and the lower lining plate, which allows the material to pile up here when passing the crushing chamber, realizing layer-to-layer crushing.

3.       Reasonable stroke and swing speed can control the impact cycle and propulsive speed of the materials accurately, ensuring the materials to drop and spread along the sides and be re-oriented when the crushing cone withdraw back and return to impact while changing the mutual positions of the materials. The impact and extrusion effect help to create the good shape of the fine.

4.       Low production cost, even productions and less wear.