S series cone crusher

S Series Cone Crusher

                --The Main Equipment in Mine Crushing Market with its Superior Performance

Product Introduction

   In the current market with fierce competition, increasing the normal working time of the equipment as much as possible plays a crucial role. As any accidental halt may result in extra expensive cost, you need the durable and reliable equipment to meet the needs of different normal working conditions.

   In the past decade, we have developed, manufactured and delivered different kinds of crushing machine with advance technology, which are widely applied in the industries like mine, construction and mineral processing all over the world. We offer all types of the fixed or mobile crushing machines for dealing with all materials for use from primary crushing to sand making.

Performance Characteristic

1.       Different sizes of crushing chambers to meet variously actual needs at site with high crushing rate, even product shape and parts’ wear, prolonging the lifespan.

2.       Optimized system design increases the production capacity. Being compared with other types of machine, S series cone crusher has longer slope arm, larger stroke and stronger crushing force. We adopt special material of the parts to create larger crushing force.

3.       Special glycerinum sealed dust-proof structure: reliable sealed effect prolongs the replacement cycle of the lubricating oil and the lifespan of the components.

4.       Automatical electrical cooling and heating system offers stable operation even in bad weather.

5.       Automatical oil temperature sensing system and oil pressure sensing system, realize the self lock or stop in accident.

6.       Low operation and maintenance cost.