YK series self-centering variable amplitude vibrating screen

Product Introduction

   YK series self-centering variable amplitude vibrating screen is the new patented product which combines the Germany advance technology with the actual domestic situation of the industry. It is mainly applicable for stonework, mine, construction material, etc. This machine works stably when starts or stops. It can automatically adjust the excited force and the amplitude based on the material flow amount during production, greatly reducing the blocked issue that easily occurs in the normal homemade screens. It is a high-efficient screening machine of classifying the broken materials like stones, ore, etc.

   The operation principle of this vibrating screen is that the electromotor drive the vibrator with eccentric device through V-belt and makes the screening box vibrate, whose moving track is round. The vibrating screen consists of the screening box, vibrator, spring vibrating device and supporting base, etc. The screening box is made of high quality alloy steel plate which is connected by high-strength bolts, composing the frame structure. The vibrator adopts stepless variable amplitude eccentric mechanism and the spring vibrating device adopts high quality coil spring.

Performance Features

1.       Stable starting and stopping. It adopts the advanced vibrating technology of self-centering excitation from Germany, which overcomes the resonance phenomenon and keep the stable starting and stopping of the machine, lowering the noise.

2.       Durable screening box with long lifespan. It adopts high-quality alloy steel plate and is joint with high-strength bolts, making the long durability and life span.

3.       High effective power and low power dissipation, energy-saving and environment-friendly.

4.       Stepless amplitude variation.

5.       Non-blocking screen net. Continuous change of the excitation overcomes the frictional resistance between the materials and the screen net, preventing the blocking issue effectively, saving the operation time while lowering the labor cost.

6.       High screening efficiency. The vibrating effect of the stepless amplitude variation greatly improve the screening efficiency. Especially for the screening of the fine material, the screening efficiency is 20% higher than that of the normal screen.

7.       Top-standard sealed effect. Double labyrinth-type seal has outstanding sealed effect, obviously extending the oiling lubrication period and lowering the labor cost and lubricating oil cost.