SH series fine sand recycling machine

Characteristics and Advantages of the Sand Recycling Machine


1.       It can effectively reduce the sand loss amount and control it within 5-10%, solving the the issues like high fineness modulus of produced sand and low stone content of the artificial aggregate processing system well.

2.       The vibrating screen adopts polyester screen mesh with longer lifespan, whose holes will not be easily blocked.

3.       The polyurethane lining of the cyclone increases the lifespan of the whole device, which can smoothly finish the work like slurry concentration, liquid clarification, etc.

4.       Its recycling system can recycle 80% particulates of the total discharge amount, reducing the workload of the settling pond and the corresponding cost with its incomparable technical and economic advantage.

5.       We can design the corresponding solution for our customers according to their different requirements.


Economic Benefit Case Analysis

   For example, the production output of a sand factory is 90m³/h, the pump output is 80 m³/h. The sand amount in the waste water discharged by the sand washer is about 3% (2.5 m³/h). After being processed by the sand recycling device, the discharged fines amount of the waste water is less than 1%, whose sand recycling rate reaches 60% (2.5m³/h*60%=1.5 m³/h).

Given that the production line operates for 12 hours per day: 1.5 m³/h*12=18 m³/day.

Given that the production line operates for 320 days one year: 18 m³/day*320days=5760 m³/year.

Given that the produced sand price is ¥55/ m³: 5760 m³/*¥55/ m³=¥320,000.

   If the production output becomes larger, the benefit will get higher, realizing the sufficient recycling of the sands and reducing the clearing cost of the settling pond.